BiotiC PRO is a powder. The best way to take it is to dissolve it in a glass of water, milk or juice. It is the fastest and easiest way to take synbiotics. Nevertheless, here you will find inspiring recipes for healthy and tasty dishes and snacks which will help you incorporate BiotiC PRO in your everyday, balanced diet. The recipes are prepared by our BiotiC PRO expert, dr. Katarzyna Karpińska.



Cold blueberry cheesecake
Coconut chocolate
Wellness cocktail
Refreshing lemonade
Light frappe
Chocolate millet pudding with banana
Salad with quinoa and thyme turkey
Cheese with plums
Ice tea in a new way
Lettuce wraps with turkey
Chocolate cream with cashew nuts
Citrus-nut salad
Fruit pancakes with banana cottage cheese
Devilled egg with avocado
Apple with peanut butter
Cold soup with cucumber and courgette
Light salad with corn, paprika and chia seeds
Nutritious porridge with banana and peanut butter
Chia pudding with bilberries
Fit herring salad with mayonnaise
Humus with avocado
Green smoothie with spinach and ginger
Amaranth flakes with yoghurt, banana and raisins
Chocolate dessert with avocado
Exquisite tart
Smoothie “Coconut Paradise”
Roasted salmon with red pesto
Smoothie “Super Detox”
Banana and cottage cheese dessert
Banana pudding with chia, peanut butter and raspberries
Pumpkin tartar

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