Fit herring salad
with mayonnaise

Fit sałatka śledziowa z majonezem

40 minutes

Ingredients for 4 portions
(eat 1 portion)

2 herring fillets (200 g)
2 chicken eggs (136 g)
0.5 packaging of skimmed cream cheese 0% fat (100 g)
0.4 packaging of frozen green peas (60 g)
0.1 packaging of frozen corn (60 g)
2 gherkins (90 g)
0.25 teaspoon of mustard (2.5 g)
0.5 spoon of vinegar (3 ml)
1 pinch of black pepper (1 g)
1 pinch of sea salt (1 g)
1 dose of BiotiC PRO (5 g)


Fit mayonnaise:

  1. Cook one egg and peel it
  2. Mix cream cheese, warm egg, mustard, vinegar and spices until you get smooth mixture
  3. Add BiotiC PRO to cooled mayonnaise


  1. Soak fillets in cold water for minimum one hour to get rid of excessive salt
  2. Cook frozen corn and peas, cool them
  3. Hard boil an egg
  4. Drain herrings and dice them
  5. Mix herrings with the egg, gherkin, corn and peas
  6. Serve herrings with home-made fit mayonnaise

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