The company Nature Science came from passion for research on the positive impact of probiotic bacteria. Our goal was to promote healthy lifestyle and nutrition based on natural ingredients and food supplements.

Know-how of Nature Science is based on many years’ expertise of its founders and experts in biotechnology. It is supported by knowledge and scientific background. Nature Science develops portfolio of food supplements and medications based on probiotic bacteria. Apart from BiotiC PRO, our offer includes: PROteinBIOTIC, the only product available on the market that combines high quality protein concentrate with probiotic bacteria, and MYCOBiotiC that supports natural stabilisation processes of intestine microbiota in case of fungal infections and disbacteriosis in the digestive tract.

Bacterial strains with probiotic properties that are used in our products are outstanding. Their uniqueness has been confirmed by patent applications to the Polish Patent Office, the European Patent Office and the US Patent Office.

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