Lettuce wraps with turkey

Wrapy z sałaty z indykiem​

10 minutes

Ingredients (2 portions):

Turkey (100 g)
4 teaspoons of classic humus (40 g)
4 leaves of iceberg lettuce (80 g)
1 cucumber (40 g)
1 dose of BiotiC PRO (5 g)


  1. Fry meat without fat / cook meat with curry. Cut it into stripes so that the shape of meat fits the shape of lettuce leaves
  2. Spread humus mixed with BiotiC PRO on a leaf, put meat and sliced cucumber on top
  3. Wrap the leaf, help yourself with another leaf (2 leaves for one wrap)
  4. You can use toothpicks to clip the leaves and make sure your wrap has proper shape

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