Dr Katarzyna Karpińska – doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, nutritionist. She worked as a plant toxicologist and analysed the impact of plants on a human body. This knowledge helps her now choose proper phytotherapy for her patients. She has also been an academic teacher for the last 14 years.

Each day I live according to the rule: “Make yourself a present – start eating healthily”, as it is worth thinking about yourself in this crazy world.

A human body is an unsolved mystery to me. I have always been fascinated with physiology and biochemistry of man. I love microbiology and pharmacognosy, that is why I am here, in Nature Science, the company that has immediately drawn my attention, won my trust and showed me clear goals for the future.

For the last two years I have also worked as a nutritionist at an oncology ward. This experience has broadened my knowledge in this area of nutrition. Specifics of this field shows how important nutrition is for a patient who suffers from cancer. Proper guidance in this respect very often makes the convalescence shorter even by half. In such cases the priceless microbiological expertise of Nature Science and the possibility to recommend products like BiotiC PRO help my patients recover.

Working as a nutritionist is my passion and gives me a lot of satisfaction. Since 2014 I have been changing eating habits of the Silesians. I consult children, teenagers, adults, sick people, vegans and vegetarians. I prepare individual nutrition plans adjusted to health condition, lifestyle and taste preferences. I create them on the basis of knowledge, laboratory tests and body composition analysis. Since medicine and nutrition are dynamically developing areas, I constantly upgrade my qualifications. I base my work on updated and proven medical knowledge.

I put every effort to make people aware that nutrition is an integral part of our lives and we cannot ignore such essential things as meal and its components. Unfortunately, in many cases products that we eat do not provide us with proper amounts of vitamins, micro- and macroelements. We can, however, supplement our diet with e.g. probiotics, like the top quality BiotiC PRO.

Dr Wiktoria Kłos – doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, clinical dietician, personal trainer. Specialises in weight loss and digestive disorders.

I am a clinical dietician and personal trainer. I specialise in weight loss of adults and children, and digestive disorders, including sibo, candida and ibs.

My patients can count on my constant support, motivation, trust and personal approach. I believe in individual activities that provide instructions on how to implement healthy eating habits for life, which is necessary to enjoy perfect physical and mental health.

I started changing eating habits from myself as I suffered from numerous digestive disorders after each meal. I managed to fight irritable bowel syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome and other symptoms accompanying those disorders just by changing my diet. In my work I rely on a holistic approach to human body based on my own and my patients’ experience.

I specialise in shaping female bodies, planning supplementation and treating health issues with a diet.

Dr Sylwester Kłos – doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, dietician, personal trainer. Manages diets of many well-known athletes.

I am a dietician and personal trainer, in my work I am particularly interested in intestine problems and autoimmunological diseases.

I specialise in weight loss of adults and children, treatment of patients with Hashimoto’s disease and insulin resistance.

I help many athletes, e.g. Paweł Wszołek, player of Polish national football team, players of Lechia Gdańsk, juniors of Arka Gdynia and teams from other cities, Krystian Pieszczek, Polish representative of speedway or Tomasz Gębala, player of Polish national handball team.

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